About The Farm

Hi! We’re Sarah and Rob. We left city life behind to start a new venture, known as The Rise Farm. 

Today, we provide farm fresh diversified livestock, poultry, and eggs among other kitchen pantry staples, such as seasoning salt, farm fresh garlic, marinades, and more. We design recipes to help you learn to #EatDifferent with us, and post them regularly on our Facebook and Instagram channels. 

Follow along with us and watch two city kids try and live out in the country, just like they did a little over 100 years ago, except with the internet!

About Rob

Hi! I’m Rob Winney. I grew up surrounded by nature, almost always either fishing or exploring the green spaces close to home. I found myself living in the city after working various different roles, constantly trying to find a path that would suit me long-term. However, I realized that the common story of working until retirement, focused on money and salaries was not the life I wanted. 

On my first tropical vacation, I met my future wife, Sarah. We have been together since that trip. Together, we had the courage to leap into a life that would fulfill our goals of living more sustainably and would make us the happiest. We chose to invest in the resources of the Earth to sustain us for the long term, and take control of where our food was coming from. 

Now, each day, I look forward to waking up and getting to decide how to spend my own time. I have found happiness in returning to the countryside, and I hope to share it with all those who are like-minded and would like to join us in living life on our own terms. 

About Sarah

Hi there, my name is Sarah Winney! Like Rob I grew up in Toronto but I loved being surrounded by the fast-paced and diverse environment of city life. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would end up living on a farm.

After meeting we began camping every weekend with our dogs and becoming increasingly interested in where our food was coming from. We originally started looking to purchase land only to camp on and eventually settled on 22 acres in Central Frontenac.

Today, I have the joy and privledge of raising animals for meat and provide nourishment to our friends and family. We use sustainable and organic farming practices to raise our animals. I am always working on a new recipe for you to follow along with in our #TheRiseFarmChallenge on Instagram and Facebook!