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About Us

 Meet your Farmers at The Rise Farm 


I didn't always want to be a farmer. 

In fact, I wasn't the kind of kid that had the hopes and dreams mixed with the drive to follow through on long term goals. I knew I didn't want to live in the city for the rest of my life. Having grown up fishing and exploring the green spaces close to home, the less crowded countryside is where I really wanted to be. The question was, how to get there? So after a few service industry jobs through high school, I was offered a temporary job doing inventory at the automotive parts store my dad worked at. Over a dozen years later, having filled multiple roles for various companies, I came to the inevitable conclusion that there is no retirement in my field with very few exceptions. That's similar to many job paths now, it takes years of careful planning, with savings and investments, all coming together when you are too advanced in years to change much. But why? It seems the more money people make doesn't usually result in more of a safety net or surplus, it just moves them to purchase a more expensive version, or more of what they would have bought while making less money. It all seemed like a trap where the prize was old age and death regardless.

Time to make a change

Since nothing changes unless someone makes it. Might as well be you. On a tropical vacation, the first one I'd ever been on, I met my future wife. We have been together since that trip. With neither one of us satisfied with the long term prospects of our current vocations, we needed to figure out what we wanted to do. What would make us the most happy. Every choice has its pros and cons, but together we are determined to make the most of this. Planning for retirement doesn't have to mean a large amount of money to whittle down every year.  A small amount of trees and plants can take care of a wide variety of needs. Well thought out herds and flocks can do the same. Instead of money, it's actually resources that we need to make. Learning to store and utilize them is the interest that we will earn.

Enter The Rise. 

At the time of this writing, we are preparing to sell our house in the suburbs to kick-start our future. The goals are simple. We want to be in charge of the production of our consumption. We want the animals in our care to live as good a life as possible right up to their processing. We want to live with less and make use of more. The execution of these goals will be a lifelong learning experience. We aim to keep modern amenities and technologies, but use age old techniques that are time tested and proven to create a well balanced farm and homestead. We are fortunate enough to have found a like minded individual close by with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, both personally and historically, who has no problem sharing that knowledge and teaching his skills. Hopefully we will be able to absorb enough first hand, internet and book information to make a successful and bountiful life outside the city to really enjoy "retirement" from the industrial lifestyle that we have become accustom.

There are many plans in the works and many ideas to be tried, rehashed, tried again, rejigged, scrapped, shelved and tried again. We have complementary goals for this first year, and some things we just want to do. We have been working for others since 16 years old, and I now have 16 years just in automotive experience. Other than the work ethic learned and my outstanding attendance record, it is now functionally useless. I really look forward to waking up and deciding, once the livestock needs are met, what task or chore to do next. We have a varied 22 acre plot with everything except well built fertile soil on it. With careful stewardship we aim to change that, while leaving natural areas where possible. 

Please follow along with us and watch 2 older city kids try and live out in the country, just like they did a little over 100 years ago, except with the internet.