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When things get routine it's time to up the difficulty.

We've raised commercial meat birds from day old chicks every year since we started the farm. Like most of our livestock, the first ones we ever saw in real life were the ones we were raising. From fumbling through the first brooder setups to figuring out the best way to overlap the batches, we developed a system that worked for us.

The intricacies of small scale poultry in Ontario make it a challenging meat to raise for sale. The balance of how you want to raise them vs the reality of the modern bird is nothing compared to the challenge of their particular economy of scale. Getting them into an abatoir requires more advanced planning, and is pretty much an entire day commitment, either all at once or split in half. The price for processing is what a consumer can buy a whole rotisserie bird for from a big box.
We do our best to limit making comparisons for any purpose other than sharing perspective. As an ultra small scale, direct to customer meat farm, we are involved in our food system in a unique way. The system is controlled in such a way that raising the same style of bird that the quota farms raise makes as much sense as it does cents.
So in our seventh season , we're going to do something different. Last year we raised a half batch of "ranger" style chicken just for our table. They grow slower, move better, are slightly more flavourful, cost more but still produce a decent amount of meat. They are still an intentionally produced meat bird and in our opinion they are more like a chicken should be.
We have been enjoying them so much and we hope you will join us in continuing to #eatdiffernt and we are happy to answer any questions you may have ! You can expect a delish chicken that has taken a longer time to grow, be a chicken, and enjoy the cool summer breeze and sunshine. And as always you can follow along on social media to watch us raise them all summer! 
So why a deposit this year ? Simply, the cost of the chicks is $4 then traditional meat chicks and they live for double the amount of time which means more feed, time, care and control. But we are really happy with our decision to move in this direction even with the increased time and cost.  

1 Whole Chicken $29 ($5 deposit required)

(additional charge for cuts of halves and quarters based on processing fees TBD, price will be adjusted if weight does not meet our expectations)  

We have booked Processing Dates for JUNE 10 & JULY 31 and will add AUG & SEPT if there is enough interest on deposits. 

Order Online and pay by etransfer to or contact us directly to place your order 

* Balance due upon receipt  

THANK YOU for supporting our small farm
LOCAL agriculture. 


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